Thursday, December 11, 2008

I have noone to blame but myself

My first teeny little bloggy post! Yea for me! But, at least I'm moving in the right direction. Right? Anyhoo... A few days ago I was freaking out about the economy and thinking I should be more practical about my gift giving this year. Because, just let me say, I LOVE Christmas. I love giving gifts that I have thought long and hard over and fretted and worried and lost sleep over worrying if the person will love it or not - or imagining the look of happiness on their face when the wrapping is ripped off and the gift is exposed... oh, the joy of that moment! But, this year I was willing to attempt to be practical and not spend a small fortune on the people in my life that I love so very much and wish I could afford to give EVERYTHING their hearts ever desired. So, I emailed my Mom and my 2 sisters and proposed that we place a dollar limit on gifts this year. I proposed "maybe $20? $25?", feeling oh so proud of myself and how practical and thrifty I was being. Well, as it turns out, they bullied me into NO GIFTS AT ALL!!!! What?!?!?!? None? Nada? Zero? Oh my gosh! What am I gonna do? Of course, there's the children. We'll still buy for them. But, I have one daughter, the middle sister has one son, and my little sister has a cat. Christmas morning is going to be over in like 2 minutes!!! No "oh my gosh's!" or "I LOVE its" or "I can't wait to use/wear it's"... Now I guess I'll just have to find happiness in the "we're so happy to have each other" moment and all that crap. Note to self: Don't even MENTION gifts next year!

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