Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I've always wanted to have a girlfriend over and bake together. I just always thought that sounded like so much fun. Especially during the holidays. What a wonderful way to get into the spirit. Well, I'm 40 years old and my "dream" is finally coming true! Now, keep in mind: I don't like sweets (apparently that means I'm weird because EVERYone tells me so!) so therefore I don't do much baking. But, I have a secret weapon! THERESA!! Theresa & I have known each other since elementary school, been friends since high school (what took so long? I'll save that story for another post!), and it just so happens she is a fabulous cook and baker. She travels a lot for business, so it's never worked out before that she could fit it into her schedule to come over and bake with me.

We don't have tons of time, so we've kept out menu pretty simple (well, simple to HER): reindeer chow, banana crumb bread, and sugar cookies. I'm so excited that, for once, I'll be able to present beautifully wrapped (that's MY specialty!) baked goods to my neighbors. Every year my sweet neighbors bring plates of goodies to our home and I always think about doing it myself... and then never do, of course. I'm a horrible procrastinator. I'm the person who is locked in the guest room late on Christmas Eve wrapping Christmas gifts. I know, I should seek help, seriously.

Well, wish us luck and let the baking begin!

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