Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009!

Can you believe it's 2009?!?!?! Another year has come and gone and I'm left thinking: What did I accomplish? I'm thinking a big, fat NOTHING! So, this year I am determined to be more motivated. I usually don't make New Year's resolutions, but I'm thinking it's a must this year. So, here goes! My initial list (which is liable to change a million times!):
  • Move more (i.e. spend less time on the computer and more time being active!)
  • Be a better Mom (i.e. make lots more memories and create more special moments with my beautiful daughter who deserves nothing less - I've always tried to do this, but this year I'm going to make even more!)
  • Be a better Wife (i.e. do a better job of making Hubby feel special and tell him more how much he is appreciated)
  • Complete unfinished projects (which I have a million of around my home)
  • Be more forgiving (this is a hard one for me - I can hold a grudge, that's for sure)
Well, that's my starter list. Pardon me while I pray: "God, give me strength to become the person you want me to be in 2009 and beyond. Draw me closer to you. You have blessed me in so many ways; I have a beautiful daughter, a wonderful hardworking husband, a comfortable home - this year I want to show you how thankful I am for these gifts you've given me. I pray for more patience, and pray for your patience with me. Amen."

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